We present a unique chest of drawers that not only performs its storage functions perfectly, but also serves as an elegant decoration for the interior. It has been carefully designed to meet both aesthetic and practical expectations. The chest has four drawers with a unique fluted pattern. It is not only a practical storage space, but also a decorative element that adds a unique character to the furniture. The elegant high legs give the chest of drawers lightness and finesse. This is not only a practical element, making it easier to keep the floor clean, but also an aesthetic accent that emphasises the modern design of the furniture.

Body: Kashmir
Legs: Black
Handles: Black

The body is supplied complete plus an additional frame with legs , which is very easy to assemble to the chest of drawers .

Product information
The chest of drawers is made of furniture board, the legs are made of metal.

Width (cm)

Depth (cm)

Height (cm)


Isis Kashmir Rufel 180


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3D model Isis Rufel 180

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